The Dieckert Group believes in tailoring the coaching experience to the client’s specific needs.  Every relationship begins with an assessment–we offer three kinds.




The Dieckert Group is certified to deliver the best executive assessments in the industry. We will leverage existing assessment tools that are already ingrained in your organization’s culture or recommend new assessment tools for your specific needs.

Some of our favorite assessment tools: CCL Benchmarks for Executives, Insights, DISC,
MBTI Step II – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator,
CPI 260 – California Psychological Inventory,
FIRO-B – Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation, TKI – Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument Profile and Interpretive Report.


The most effective and most involved form of executive assessment is a 360 degree live interview of stakeholders that regularly observe the client in action. One of our master coaches interviews between 7 and 40 stakeholders, collect between 100 and 2000 comments, sort all the comments by industry standard executive leadership competencies and then provide a statistical analysis of the client’s strengths and opportunities. This usually provides transformational insight and results for most executives and is highly recommended.


The Dieckert Group’s team assessments provide insight into important aspects of leadership and the work environment that impact workgroup performance. Analyzing the data from these assessments at the team, group, department, or organizational level can help you target specific performance improvement actions that can dramatically change your results. Armed with a greater understanding of the issues that support or hinder performance, organizations can make targeted plans for change and better align resources with the outcomes they expect and desire.

Every relationship begins with a free consultation with one of our coaches. 


After a thorough assessment, we work with each client to develop a customer leadership development plan and in most cases arrange for regular stakeholder checkpoints to assure social support and validation of the client’s success over a sustained period of time.  Executive coaching typically takes 12 months to change ingrained behaviors and receive social proof of successful change. Tailored Coaching plan may include: 



General description of exec. coaching including Career coaching. Executives change employers several times in their career. Each change is a significant opportunity to gain new experiences, increase value creation and compensation, increase scope, and achieve deeper levels of personal fulfillment. However, due to the stress of employment changes, many executives rush too quickly to accept another position and leave significant value and opportunity on the table. The Dieckert Group’s proven career coaching practice ensures a positive change and significant progress in all areas of priority for the executive.



Most executives need practical on-the-job learning rather than more intellectual leadership training. The Dieckert Group is a certified partner and practitioner of Marshall Goldsmith’s acclaimed Stakeholder Centered Coaching process which quickly identifies tipping point behaviors and leverages a clear process enabling leadership growth to become embedded in day-to-day interactions on the job.


Many times the biggest issue for an executive is that they have neglected some of the personal aspects of their life and as a result are feeling a bit unbalanced. The Dieckert Group has amassed a massive amount of proven conventional wisdom and content to help executives become well rounded, increasing their happiness, life satisfaction, and contribution to society. Our areas of focus are:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Love and Relationships
  • Prosperity
  • Purpose
  • Creative flow


The first 6-12 months of a new executive assignment are the most critical. The Dieckert Group specializes in helping newly placed executives avoid past behavioral and organizational mistakes, and create quick wins to cement their position in the new company or role.

Our process consists of the following phases:

  • Executive assessment to executive and team strengths and opportunities
  • Goal setting and executive development plan
  • Proven strategies for improved performance of self and team

Working with us begins with a free consultation with one of our coaches.